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Headset for iPhone - 3.5mm Jack Stereo With Microphone - Black
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Headset for iPhone - 3.5mm Jack Stereo With Microphone - Black

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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 2.0 ( 1 customer reviews )
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2Not impressedFeb 14, 2009
By TechShmuck "RoadWarriorStudent"
As a PC user who loves his Apple iPhone, I wanted a pair of black headphones that had an in-line mic and "noise-reduction".

Granted they were only $16, but I should have paid more to purchase a better quality product. These were the only ones I found that advertised noise-reduction. Maybe my key-word search left something to be desired. These headphones certainly do.

When I took these headphones out of the packaging the cables were mushed - and I don't mean just all tangled together, because they were that too. I literally mean the cables are smashed, like if you pressed your knuckle into a marshmallow. The point I'm making is that the plastic covers over the wires is very cheap.

Also, the rubber gromet behind the connector pulled apart the first time I unplugged the headphones from my laptop. I managed to cram most of the rubber back into the connector...

And as for audio quality... blech. If you buy these, you will not listen to music on them unless you have no choice. The audio is flat and dead. I happened to be looking at a video on youtube when I first tried these, and thought it must just be a poor quality video. So I opened iTunes and the audio still sucked. Sheesh!

So in short, if you want a cheap pair of headphones, this is them. If you want a black pair of headphones, these are them. If you want something worth your money, you are paying $16. If you are excited about these headphones, simmer down. They aren't worth getting excited over.

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